It combines the advantages of splints (ortheses)
and cast(POP)-like fixations

In contrast to the conventional splints (segmental fixations), the Chrisofix® product range

  • ensures a safer stable semicircular or circular fixation,
  • can be adjusted and readjusted within one minute,
  • can be adjusted directly on to the patient,
  • has opened up new horizons in the usage and benefi ts of therapeutic splinting,
  • can provide more targeted immobilisation.

In contrast to the cast-like fixations, the Chrisofix® products

  • cut down the costs,
  • can be adjusted within one minute, saving time for the clinical personnel and the patients,
  • can allow more convenient daily hygiene and an earlier start of physiotherapy,
  • can replace most of the thermoplastic fixations,
  • are light and comfortable similarly to the usual splints,
  • can repeatedly be adjusted for the same patient,
  • can be readjusted and reused by several patients after disinfection and exchange of the liner.