Saddle joint orthesis

For immobilisation of the saddle joint

  • Immobilisation of the metacarpo-phalangeal (MCP) and saddle (CMC) joints of the thumb. Especially, for saddle (CMC) joint arthroses, distorsions, post- fracture stages of the thumb, and following surgery related to this region, even as night splint (Forte version)
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    Right Left
S (Small) <8 cm 144 121 183 154 121 183
M (Medium) 8-9 cm 146 121 183 156 121 183
L (Large) 9< cm 148 121 183 158 121 183
  • Put the thumb into the prefabricated splint.
  • Shape the splint to the thumb with gentle pressure, and close the ring around the thumb.
  • Fasten the bandage around the wrist (start on the back of hand).
To remove the splint, it is not necessary to open the strip on the thumb; the thumb can simply be pulled out from and later shifted back into the fixation.




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The main component of the patented Chrisofix® splints is a thin, corrugated aluminium core covered with non allergenic polyethylene foil- and cotton-laminated polyethylene coat at the out- and insight, respectively. Due to perforation, the splints are breathable. They can be applied and perfectly fitted to the injured body part within one minute, without water or heat. The Chrisofix®splints ensure a semicircular stable fixation. The light and comfortable splints limit the mobility of the injured body part to the necessary minimum.



The Chrisofix® splints are medical devices and not working tools. Damages of the splint resulted from inappropriate use, will be excluded from the product guarantee.