Resting ortheses for lower limb

For fixation of the lower limb

  • Short-term fixation of the region of the lower limb following injuries and surgery.



S (Small) 784 000 104
M (Medium) 786 000 104
L (Large) 788 000 104




MEASUREMENT length of the foot REF. NUMBER
S (Small) <24.5 cm 784 119 102
M (Medium) 24.5-27.5 cm 786 119 102
L (Large) 27.5< cm 788 119 102
Also available in blue: 78_ 111 102


MEASUREMENT length of the foot REF. NUMBER
S (Small) <24.5 cm 784 119 104
M (Medium) 24.5-27.5 cm 786 119 104
L (Large) 27.5< cm 788 119 104
Basic in blue colour: 78_111_104
Orthesis in green with terry-cloth liner: 78_119_194
Orthesis in blue with terry-cloth liner: 78_111_194


The splint is delivered in a prefabricated form with the most frequently used angle.
  • If necessary, open the lateral fixation plates, set the required angle, and fix it again by closing them.
  • Put the leg with the plantar side into the prefabricated splint.
  • For the best weight distribution, recline the knee onto a cushion in a slightly crooked position.
  • Adjust the splint carefully to the leg, knee and ankle, and fasten it with the bandages.





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The main component of the patented Chrisofix® splints is a thin, corrugated aluminium core covered with non allergenic polyethylene foil- and cotton-laminated polyethylene coat at the out- and insight, respectively. Due to perforation, the splints are breathable. They can be applied and perfectly fitted to the injured body part within one minute, without water or heat. The Chrisofix®splints ensure a semicircular stable fixation. The light and comfortable splints limit the mobility of the injured body part to the necessary minimum.



The Chrisofix® splints are medical devices and not working tools. Damages of the splint resulted from inappropriate use, will be excluded from the product guarantee.